Two Most Popular Types of Door Stopper Security You Must Know

What do you know about door stopper security? Door stopper is a thing that looks small and unimportant but it is really important for some houses and offices. Usually, people purchase and place their door stopper to hold their door so that the door will not be closed by the wind. The wind is able to blow your door and hurt someone or cause scratches on your furniture or wall. It is good to purchase the right sliding door stopper for your own door.

best door stopper security also rubber door stop security

best door stopper security also rubber door stop security

Door stopper security comes in various styles including the basic one that is equipped with magnet. This kind of door stoppers is usually mounted to floor or to wall. Magnet door stopper is having great magnetic power that is able to keep your door opened. This magnetic door stopper has been tested and is appropriate for most standard doors. If your door is a standard door and you need efficient patio door stopper, the basic magnetic door stopper is the right choice.

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Wait, even though this basic magnetic door stopper security is appropriate and efficient for most standard doors, you will need bigger door stopper with bigger magnetic power if your door is thicker and bigger. Your bigger and thicker door may also need another type of door stoppers if it is too big and too thick to be stopped by the basic magnetic door stopper. After mounting the magnetic wall stopper, you don’t need to worry if the wind suddenly blow your door since the magnetic door stopper will catch your door and will never let the wind blows it again.

The rigid door stopper security is the second stopper you may want for your door. This type of door stoppers must be installed on the wall behind your door. To mount this rigid door stopper, you can screw it. Rigid door stopper is durable and having great quality. This door stopper will also protect your wall from scratches since your door will not hit the wall.